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Simplicity 5663

To go with the waistcoat and trousers I obviously need a new shirt...or two.

The Pattern

A beautiful vintage pattern from 1982. Despite the styling (or because of) this is my favourite shirt pattern.

It is such a simple shape with no darts but a multitude of options of collars and sleeves. A really quick sew so fast that this week I actually made two. Neither of which I made as the pattern dictates, I modified the sleeves so they were bishop shaped - one full length and one elbow length with an extended cuff.

The Construction

The fabric I am using is a cotton lawn for the white shirt and a 3mm sky blue striped cotton by Rose and Hubble from Minerva Crafts.

The construction was so simple and quick! Sew fronts to back and gather in sleeves. The only potentially tricky part of the sew is the collar and cuffs but for these I have a system.

When looking at the collar stand and the cuffs fold back 12mm of the 15mm seam allowance on the facing/inside side and stitch around as normal. Trim and clip all the corners, curves and allowances then turn the right way. Press. Stitch to the sleeve/neck as usual using the usual seam allowance. Press. Then you can top-stitch or stitch in the ditch, whichever you prefer to attach the facing portion. Easy peasy. Perfect collars and cuffs every time.

The devil is in the details and I picked some cute and slightly quirky buttons from The Button Shed to liven up the white shirt. (A cute little up-cycle you can do to a bought shirt as well! Measure the existing button and replace them with ones the same size but a contrasting colour or shiny.)

Photos from The Button Shed website

The Outcome

I am so pleased with these shirts. They will not be just paired with the suit I made last week but with high waisted jeans and pencil skirts. There are loads of styling options when it comes to shirts. Leave them open collar for a relaxed and less stuffy look; or with the blue stripe with a round collar - a little ribbon bow tie; with the white spear collar - a men's silk tie?


1950's Fringe Dress

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תגובה אחת

07 במאי 2020

Hi Cieranne, Can't find the post on your masks. I have text you in desperation. Seeing lockdown is extended for the aged til 30th June, I really need something!!!!! Mum-in-law-ish

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