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Custom Clothing for Bride and Groom

"My beautiful bespoke wedding dress was made by the incredibly talented Ciéranne Kennedy-Bell. I can honestly say this was the first time since having my little girl that I have felt beautiful int he body I now have. Ciéranne made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process and made me feel so much better than the bridal shops (that told me I needed a plus size dress, the dress pictured is a 12-14). After some hunting, we found the most beautiful lace and away she went. Every time I saw my dress it got more and more perfect. I cannot thank Ciéranne enough for making something that made me feel so beautiful. Little E told me all day that I looked like a princess."

"Ciéranne made my wedding dress, and it was absolutely stunning. I've recommended her to anyone that is looking for dresses!"

"I felt so beautiful in my dress yesterday - I can't get across how emphatic the compliments were. It was just 100% perfect."

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